Opus Lift adds craft to your boring METRO card


Love this site of people adding designs and personalization to their OPUS RFID metro/bus cards. The design on them is ugly and this is such a great idea.

Welcome to OpusLift.com

If, like me, you use the public transport network in Montreal, you probably already have the Opus card, the smart card that the STM (Société des transports de Montréal) unveiled this autumn.

Personally, I found it so ugly (forgive my honesty), so unrepresentative of Montreal and Montrealers that I decided to dressed up mine.”

One note: be very careful cutting holes in your card as shown above – this can easily cut the “wires” that run throughout the card, which are the antennae (the STM ones run in a crazy pattern throughout), and it will no longer work – read more here.

(Thanks NCBeets)