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Our good friends over in Scandinavia, UOVO, have won a grant to produce some more of their amazing art/games. I can’t think of a better talented group of people that this could go to.

UOVO has created quite a few pieces of art/animation with Plank, all of which has been stunning.

You might recognize the style, as Luke drew the Stevey with Antlers at the top of this page, which I LOVE.

“Nordic Game Program decided recently that our very own little web-based game idea, Willinilli was good enough to support with a good deal of cash.

Now we can start producing some serious inhouse work.

We are delighted to be given the support to produce something we are burning to make; a project that for us will mean putting the best we have to offer into a product we think will both entertain and enlighten kids”

Go get ’em guys!



2 responses to “Congrats to UOVO”

  1. Warren Wilansky Avatar

    Congrats is right! That team deserves all they can get! Go Stockholm!

  2. Luke Avatar

    “Go Copenhagen”, Warren – but thanks!;)
    And thanks, too, Stevey!

    We are psyched about putting our energies into one of our own projects – can’t wait to unleash it;)