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Outside MTL diner
Just back from the final SXSW 08 events…

Hung out with some great Canadians for diner, met some really amazing and funny peers, had a couple too many Mohito’s and overall ended our 5 days on a really high note.

Tomorrow we fly back to the land of ice and snow (with few hot springs).


4 responses to “SXSW day 5 – MTL diner”

  1. Steve Avatar

    Um yea… for the record.. this was completely “tipsy blogged” ;-) hahaha

  2. Anile Avatar

    Haha – tipsy blogging is underrated. Welcome back Stevey! Looking forward to future posts about your trip!

  3. Allen Avatar

    Dinner has two “n”‘s, but otherwise it could have been much worse!

    Or maybe its just en français!

  4. Steve Avatar

    LOL – good catch !