Breakfast time

Breakfast time
Brigitte’s 1st haircut and now she looks tons older.

She’s walking everywhere, just starting babbling now, and very aware of what’s going on around her, what she wants to do and where she wants to be.

So awesome.

Google’s Earth by William Gibson

William Gibsons OP-ED contribution in the NYT’s is great — a must read.

“Google’s Earth — By WILLIAM GIBSON

… We never imagined that artificial intelligence would be like this. We imagined discrete entities. Genies. We also seldom imagined (in spite of ample evidence) that emergent technologies would leave legislation in the dust, yet they do. In a world characterized by technologically driven change, we necessarily legislate after the fact, perpetually scrambling to catch up, while the core architectures of the future, increasingly, are erected by entities like Google.”

Danielle on the way

Been a very quiet summer on the blog as we’ve been passed the milestone of 1 year with B. I’ve been on the lazy dad track.

The ocean was mainly flat and the couple times I could go circumstances conspired against me. I haven’t surfed since cali in May — seems like a very very long time ago.

Hopefully all that’s going to change this weekend. Danielle on the way and she looks good. Currently tracking as hurricane off the Southern Eastern seaboard she surely had many surfers frothing from the bottom of FL to NS, Canada.

My arms are so weak i’m going to get beat down — but at least there’ll be a smile as I go.

The end of tv / tivo

It’s been a great 3 years with TIVO. Easily one of the best media consumption services ever. They couldn’t make enough inroads in Canada/HD/Online services for us — plus our lack of watching “traditional TV”.

I even tweeted them a couple times pleading !!

We’ve now cancelled our Videotron Illico TV service and will be gracefully retiring our TIVO 2 series. Maybe it’ll go live up in the country at a nice home where it can run around and get fresh air.

Tivo is dead / Long live Tivo.

(Bring on a new giant NAS drive and a Boxee in 2011)


On the hottest morning of the year — I decided to test my max cadence (that i can sustain so far) coming down Berri with no traffic around me.

Got to work sweaty.