815 Sentences About Lost

We’re almost at the end. One more tonight then the finale.

“815 Sentences About Lost is a project bringing together 108 different people to share their thoughts about Lost during this, its last season. For some, Lost has become an obsession over the last 5 and a half years, for others, not so much. Personally, I thought the series began drifting during the 2nd season, bottoming out in the 3rd season, before coming back strong in the middle of the 4th season. What’s always been most impressive to me, though, is Lost’s innovative narrative style – using flashbacks, and then flash forwards, as well, to move the story along. I’m eager to see how the series concludes and whether the show’s fans will be satisfied with the answers provided by the show’s creators.”

Fitting time to read…


Cy’s Sunrise Lefts

More eye candy from Cyrus Sutton somewhere in South America. Beautiful colours through the pitching lip. (Click here and watch it in HD)

“This sequence was taken from my recent trip to S. America. My girl’s been studying abroad down there for a few months so I headed down for some lovin’ and long lefts. I purposefully didn’t bring any camera equipment except for a little HD Go Pro camera. The morning of what was supposedly the swell of the season, my girlfriend and I woke up before dawn and navigated the rocks to empty spinning lefts. For forty-five minutes we shared sunrise lefts. Eventually the pack paddled out and the camera fogged up, so I ditched the head rig and shared perfect waves with the locals all day. I’m stoked to have these opening rides recorded, it was a session I’ll never forget…”

Stoke-age link from Johan