Checking out my site on Plank’s iPad. Looks pretty nice. But then again almost every site does look nice on this thing!!

Field Report: Oceanside day 2

Large Oceanside
2nd day in Oceanside — paddled out this AM on a borrowed 9′ 0″ Walden. Some big sets with juice. Clean overhead+ on some of the sets between 8am and 10am.

We’re staying half way between the harbour jetty and the Oceanside Pier. Nice long stretch of peaky sandbars thanks to the dredging/sand dump 2 days ago (possibly?).

Still working out the winter/dad/kookiness. Have another full week to get the gears grinding again.

Johan’s latest creation

Glued 2
My good buddy is building himself a hand planned,reversed blank, triple stringer, custom nose and tail handmade checkboard blocked, glassed on, mean party wave machine !!

Can’t wait to see this finished.

SXSW day 3 report

Another post from Austin, TX — SXSW 2010.

During a panel today, a new buzzword (to me at least) popped up…

"Data Exhaust"

This is the by-product of you interacting with the internet. When you search Google, when you create content, when you tweet, when you update your favourite app, you leave behind a trail of bits that slowly dissipate. These include logs & caches, content that references your content, metrics and date time/stamps and other sorts of tailings.

That "exhaust" from your interaction is valuable, it can be mined for info even if that data has been anonymized. It can make other people quite a bit of money. Some people disagree that this should be the de facto way everything works.

I’m no expert in any of this, but when the term came up my first immediate reaction was, how does this relate to driving a gas guzzling car that creates the fumes the buzzword references?

Should we be concerned about reducing this emission? Is there such a thing as ZERO emissions interaction with the net? Should it be your right to have that? Or would a complete anonymization remove all useful functionality? Will we see a movement towards a "clean" internet, where you at least have control of that emission or can choose how much is spewing out behind you, without slowing you down?


SXSW day 1 report

Checking in from Austin, TX — SXSW 2010.

“I seem to have heard a thread run through numerous conversations yesterday and it went something like… "If you want to be creative and inspired,  step out of what you normally do whenever possible." Not the newest of advice but proven with time.

I attended the #DEFI panel on Saturday. Summed up best: "Future shock therapy = Not having to say "Imagine living in a world where…" because you just did. In a live action prototype. #DeFi #sxsw".

The panel was made up of a number of futurists and ‘Apple cart tippers’ (as Bruce Sterling referred to them). I listened intently – the panel started slow but quickly started ramping up the ideas. How to communicate an alternate future through an interactive prototype or immersive scenario.

Towards the end Bruce Sterling joined them on stage – known for his ability to emotionally convey how he perceives the future – he had me hanging on every word. I asked practical question through the back channel on Twitter and had it answered by all the panelists sequentially. When you get involved in a discussion around a panel, the ideas stick and coagulate slightly better than just listening.

I left with that buzz that happens when you know you’ve just had your brain tampered with – in a good way. Cheers to their creative ideas and my full respect to the hardcore futurists "creating shared futures" in order to better understand our path toward them.”


SXSW 2010

Leaving tomorrow AM for Austin/SXSWi 2010. This will be 3rd time attending and the excitement is still just the same. Looking forward to some inspiration, conversation, beer and great tex-mex food !!

Should be amazing — if you’re there find me via:

twitter/stevey | sitby.us/stevey | or leave me a msg here.