Range Rover design

The man who designed the original Range Rover has passed away and the NYT’s has an article about him.

I’ve always loved this design — there’s something about the glass size, body shape, panel fit, and ‘utility with finish’ that’s attractive to my country upbringing and my design sense. Too bad it’s now synonymous with gas waste and excess $ (maybe it always was to some degree).


Not your average rental kook

Bali on small waves — on a rented T&C 9′ 6″. Killing in.

“A boy called Jack riding a hired board from kuta : town and county hawai 9’6”

More info…

“According to Tom Woods from ST Surf Images (thanks Tom, for tuning us into this video…!), Jack Lynch could not get his boards to Bali due to another airline/luggage fiasco, so he hired this old log in Kuta and get his shred on.”


BPGlobalPR is genius

Great update: Words from the man behind @BPGlobalPR himself — http://streetgiant.com/2010/06/02/leroy-stick-the-man-behind-bpglobalpr/

One of my favourite current pieces of satire/commentary is from @BPGlobalPR discussing the recent oil spill. It’s so good they now have almost 60,000 followers and BP is trying to have it shut down.

“After oil started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil rig explosion almost a month ago, a Twitter account launched purporting to be BP’s public relations group, @BPGlobalPR. The account, which offers dark, satirical commentary about the spill and cleanup efforts, is run by an anonymous person” — Mashable article


Malik’s right footage

With an opening still like the one above — how can you not watch ?!! Worth clicking through to VIMEO and watching HD if you can.

“About a year ago, I had the chance thanks to Tim Mc Kenna to shoot one of the best sessions I have ever shot since I’m filming surfing. Tim and me discretly escaped from the contest in Teahupoo to join Kelly Slater, Manoa Drollet and Benjamin Sanchis to go to this super fickl wave called “Malik’s right” by the boys. Just us on the spot for few hours, only two friendly locals Hector and Aken came to get few waves. I have been using few waves of this session for my movie “Cloud9” but I couldn’t get the opportunity to show what happened really and to give a sample of the vibe there. It was a very special moment for all of us, we dedicate this session to Malik Joyeux, we miss you brother.

Thanks Sam Smith for the amazing under water shots and thanks to TMK for having me onboard!
soundtrack “brothers” by hot Chip from their album One Life Stand”