Jim Driver and surfing CA in the 60’s


Great blog to keep an eye on — Jim’s son has been posting some of his Dad’s photos and he’s already got some great shots up.

“During the early 60’s, surfing took off around the world. It was during these days that my father, Jim Driver, started getting interested in photography. During the day, Jim caught rides to the beach and photographed many of Southern California’s surfing inovators. At night, in his darkroom, he carefully developed his photos into classic images that captured the 60’s style.”


Mtl summer sky pano

Mtl summer sky pano
Sitting on the porch getting some air on another beautiful summers day, we’ll be able to get out soon for some daily walks.

Too much being cooped up in the apt is starting to wear on us both (not really but i’m sure it would add some spice to our crazy routine of the past 2 weeks).