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Montréal Operatic Drive

Mtl operatic drive

My iphone sitting on my dash pointing up as I drive down st joseph listening to some opera after a long day.

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Map of the Future

We will be here – Map of the Future –
I’m a sucker for stuff like this..

“The Italian magazine WIRED asked us to draw a map based on the scenarios developed by the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto to help the reader in the net of ideas and hypothesis built by 7000 influencers from all over the world.”

Just great. View large

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Autumn in Montréal

autumn in montreal
Beautiful photo of my neighborhood by Ncbeets. Montréal is a great city in the fall — alive, colourful and inspiring.

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Sunday morning with Brigitte

Sunday morning
Moments like these make me melt. Our daughter being extremely happy on a Sunday morning at home.

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Brigitte and a blue hand knitted sweater

This photo makes me happy. Our daughter at 11 weeks.

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October 1st is World Vegetarian Day


Happy no-meat day (“I’ll go celebrate by eating a large steak stuffed up a chickens butt then slow roasted in bacon fat” — har har — that joke was for @warrenwilansky). I’m a vegetarian (20 years in) and I find this a bit obnoxious — but I still support it.

To celebrate go make this dish from Mark Bitten (NYT’s) who’s an advocate of eating less meat and eating smarter …

Roasted Vegetables, Thai Style

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Could you survive an avalanche?

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska from Chappy on Vimeo.

A sobering/scary/amazing/chilling video. Almost couldn’t watch. This is what it’s like to get caught in a major avalanche and barely survive. (Link from Ed Fladung)

“The guy in the video was the first one to drop from their group and while not a guide, he had a lot of Utah and AK backcountry experience. He had a Black Diamond Avalung on, but as you can tell from the video while he’s talking as he’s dropping in, it wasn’t in his mouth to start. He tried to shove it in the instant of starting to get sucked down, but it didn’t stay in fully during his ragdoll descent. It was just off to the corner of his mouth he said, and he definitely got some snow / ice in his mouth still. “

The vimeo page has the complete story.

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Kind Lines benefit starts tomorrow


Amazing art for a great cause.

“Kind Lines is an art show and auction to benefit Surfaid International. The event, to take place in September of 2009 in NYC, was created by Rick Malwitz, of the Brooklyn-based Malwitz Custom Surfboards. Malwitz wanted to raise money for Surfaid in a creative, fun way that would celebrate surf culture and art. When he started asking artists within the surf community if they would be interested in donating a painting for the event, the response was overwhelming. In the end, 24 artists were selected to participate. Malwitz hand-shaped and bamboo glassed canvases, each resembling a cross-section of a surfboard, and distributed these to the participants. The rules were simple: any medium, any style, any surf-related theme. In September, these 24 original works of art will be featured at gallery in NYC, and an online auction will follow. The auction will be open to anyone, and is a great way to collect original art from some of the most brilliant surf artists. 100% of the proceeds go to Surfaid. Thanks to the sponsorship by Greenlight Surf Supply, Surf Source, and Swaylocks.”

Online Auction is between September 26 – October 4th , 2009

All the details/artwork here | Put together by Mr. Rick Malwitz

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Only crazies write on walls

Only crazies write on walls
From my morning bike ride.

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Bill from above


Beautiful photos of Hurricane Bill from the sky. (via Special J)

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Mom and Brigitte

Mom and B
Brigitte just passed the 2 month mark and it’s been amazing. Linda’s beyond an excellent Mom — and I’m so proud of her.

We got her weighed the other day and she’s now 11 pds. She’s getting more vocal, can control her legs and hands much better and it smiling up a storm !! She’s been a very good kid so far. We couldn’t ask for more.

Follow along with the “brigitte” tag on flickr.

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Mama C’est Fini!


“Mama C’est Fini !” written in seaweed on Higgins’s Beach, ME.


See it live here ’til the tide washes it away.

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SoCal Surfwear

mandatory uniform

With the retro craze @ full speed — how long ’til this comes back?

Full sized image here

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Mt. Royal by night

Mt. Royal by night
God I love Montréal.

Long exposure photo taken from the Plateau looking at Mt Royal on a hazy hot night.

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Korduroy/Patagonia Alaia Shaping Tutorial

Korduroy/Patagonia Alaia Shaping Tutorial from Cyrus Sutton on Vimeo.

Fun stuff coming out of California as always — plus I’m really looking forward to what has to offer when it launches in the coming weeks.

The “Makers/DIY” culture has always drawn me in — I was fantasizing about our next house/apt having a dedicated “shop” area of some kind — a tinkering spot to break stuff and put it back together, etc.

“In a petroleum-addicted, pre-packaged culture a fire has been sparked that will transform surfing forever. From his Australian country shed, Tom Wegener has opened the door to surfing’s future by reintroducing the Alaia, an ancient wooden surf craft devoid of fins, foam or rocker. Welcome to a new age where a single surfer with simple tools and natural materials can push the limits of modern surfing.

Join Patagonia Cardiff, and Jon Wegener this Saturday, August 8th for an alaia shaping tutorial. Also check out Thalia St. Surf Shop Friday, August 14th for the website launch party. Both events are free and feature sneak screenings and limited, home-made dvd/books of “Tom’s Creation Plantation.”