Field report – day 2

Field report – day 2
Hot hot day again – 32+ C by 10am.

Morning session was another closeout survival fest – don’t go on the wrong wave. Jes and I gave her a go without too much success. Tomorrow has a better morning forecast.

3-6ft, glassy but closing out.

Paddled out this evening for a quick evening session with Steph. Couple good waves bug choppy and hard to stay in the right spot.

Overall a great day – looking fed to a lit more of them coming up as the full crew arrives over the weekend.

Field report – morning of day 1

Field report – morning of day 1
1st paddle out with Jesse – larger sets closing out – timed the sprint and got outside.

Tried for a couple lefts but the waves just had no where to go. Got worked on the inside by some large bombs – good hold down that reminded me to take deep breaths and chill. Jesse said the 2 even larger set waves behind me woulda caught me inside no matter what. Chalk it up to getting wet and de-kooking a bit. Surf tonight.

Swell 4-7ft and closing out – not a great direction.

Water insanely warm.

Air temps – hot in the shade and mind melting in the sun.

Arms already rebelling and complaining.


Now it’s siesta time. Swell photos later.

Our CPO from VW

Car clean and fixed up
Everyone around me knows my love for VW.

Our newish wagon just came back from it’s first recall appointment (changed something in the airbags and steering column) plus 2 other fixes to warranty-able items (gas gauge issue and xenon turning headlights software fix).

The VW CPO warranty has already paid for itself (figure it was an extra 1k — 2k to buy it with that warranty from a dealer).

Some people hate dealerships — but I’m sold on VW’s system. They even washed and polished the car while it was there!! FTW.

Jay Peak

Been loving Jay Peak again recently — due to a couple epic pow days. Cold deep snow and sunshine seems to be the ticket for me.

This is a view off the backside in Big Jay. Spectacular.

Possible weekend trip

fall swell

Looking good right now that I’ll be able to go score some waves this weekend. Been a rough year for surfing with only my cali trip, one 3 days weekend and now this potential 2 day trip. Not lot of water time. All those days have been scores so i’m not complaining too much but I’m feeling dry.

Hopefully with Brigitte being 2 next summer it will be a lot easier and funner to get the family down to the coast.

Some okay looking swell, offshore winds, water temps still around 50°F (11°C) and sunshine. High of 4°C on Sunday though means it’ll be chilly out of the water !!

Surfboard shaping class in Montreal

Johan is teaming up with the Surf MTL club to offer a surfboard building class. Johan really knows his stuff now and can offer some crazy insight. Plus you end up with a ready to ride board to bring down to the coast or the river.

“Make a surfboard with Surf Montreal?! Thats right, we are teaming up with Master Montreal Shaper Johan Elder to teach you how to shape, glass and sand a surfboard. Each student will Learn how to glass and sand a board from a pre-shaped blank (4 shapes to chose from) to a final product. We will also teach you the skills and knowledge to shape foam and make a board from scratch!

When? November 21st, 28th, Dec 5th (Dates are pending but will be confirmed shortly)

Where? Kanellos Studios, near Rosemont Metro.

How Much? $600.00 (introductory price) includes all materials, tools, and you leave with a finished board ready to surf!

Who? Chris from Surf Montreal and Master Montreal Shaper Johan Elder will be giving the course.

The minimum age to participate is 18 and you have to be willing to get a little dusty. Making a surfboard was featured on Discovery’s Dirty Jobs so leave the Armani suit at home!

This is the first class of it’s kind in Quebec and a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn how to shape a board to actually learn it with a professional shaper on hand to show you how it’s done, forget shaping video’s this is the real deal!

The class will be limited to 10 Students to ensure individualized attention and ensure everyone has amazing professional results so space is definitely limited.

Registration is open from now until Sunday October 15th or until the spaces fill up.

For additional information or the registration form send an e-mail