Oncoming lights

Friday night while driving down to the coast on Highway 91/93 through Vermont and New Hampshire, we were driving on the divided highway. 2 lanes going south separated by 100m of woods to the 2 lanes going north.

Johan is half asleep as he preps to take over driving for me. I’m passing a slow moving car in an area with not much around except trees and more trees. My mind suddenly snaps open to the fact that I’m looking at car lights directly approaching me, in a place where you should not see this.

I quickly pull back into the right lane, with my hand held down on the horn as a small sedan whips by directly us going the wrong way. easily doing 120km/h.

All the cars around me slow down in shock. Johan is now fully awake and saying something to the effect of “holy sh#@!t”.

There’s absolutely no way this was an accident (someone getting on the exit the wrong way. etc) This was someone pranking or drunk/high as a kite trying to race exit to exit on the wrong side of the highway.

Everyone around us was okay but who knows further back down the road. People suck sometimes. I rarely wish to see cops on these highways but this time I wish there had of been one.

(photo above isn’t from me – just a fitting shot I found on flickr from kvguang22)

Dustin Humpfrey and the Dopamine Series

Insight has gone beyond the high level of creative they’ve already achieved with this ridiculous series of photos (Some NSFW). I can’t imagine the work this took in setup, timing and hoping for the perfectly framed shot.

“Insight has launched an impressive art installation series entitled Dopamine, from setting up underwater art installations with surf actions shots in Bali and having re-created famous skate spots in the middle of the Balinese jungle.

The surf installation was inspired by Beatnick;, Steve Gorrow embarked on a journey beneath the sea to explore the depths of the mind and creativity. Along with the help of his brother, Steve shipped out to Bali to take on the massive feat of building above and beneath the sea to give birth to the latest Insight surf spectacle, and that is Dopamine. Not one to cut corners on creativity, Steve combined upside down bedrooms, naked girls on motor bikes and underwater shanty towns with the amazing skill of the Insight surf team (surfnics) and the photographic talents of Dustin Humphrey to create an array of split double world madness. Welcome to Insight’s latest surf campaign featuring surfers Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Made Lana,Jason Apparicio & The Jamaican Surf Team.”

Insight site | Photos and discussion

A Physicist talks about LOST

(Stop reading now if somehow you haven’t seen the end of season 4)
Great piece from Popular Mechanics about the “Physics” of LOST and the season 4 finale ;

Physicist: Einstein Would Approve of Moving the Island on Lost
How did Ben make the island “disappear” in last night’s season finale? It’s all relativity, argues a top professor who even uses Lost in his classes. Wormholes, 305-degree bearings, the Casimir effect—it all checks out with quantum mechanics, and could explain a lot for next season.

(Gotta love the internet – people finding flaws in the comments of that article – make sure to keep reading down the page)


The Road by Cormac McCarthy

While on vacation I plowed through a bunch of books; one stood above the rest — “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy.

I won’t say much about the story itself beyond this synopsis from the official website;

“A father and his son walk alone through burned America. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. It is cold enough to crack stones, and when the snow falls it is gray. The sky is dark. Their destination is the coast, although they don’t know what, if anything, awaits them there.”

Once I had finished reading I had to see what was online about it. As expected there’s quite a bit.

This quote made me think about the book in a different light…

“It could be the most important environmental book ever. It is a thought experiment that imagines a world without a biosphere, and shows that everything we value depends on the ecosystem” — British environmental campaigner George Monbiot

Another excellent inspiration from the book is this photo set by flickr user
Douglas Roesch, who has tried to piece together some photos to envoke the scenes in the story. The photo above is one of the pictures from that set.

Lastly, news that the book is currently being made into a movie starring Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce.

The production shots released so far look stunning (warning: these might be spoilers unless you’ve read the book) — http://io9.com/393576/first-glimpses-of-the-roads-moody-realism. Can’t wait!

The Road: Cormac McCarthy

Mac Book Pro display wake-up issues

My desk

Second Update: The latest MBP firmware seems to have solved my problems completely. Ars Technica ‘officially’ details the problem — too bad Apple won’t give more details on what this latest update fixes. Let me know if this update solves your issues also.

Update: The work around below did not work. Further reading and investigation leads me to believe is has to do with Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 that was released a couple months back. Supposedly Apple is aware and working on a fix.

For work I use a Mac Book Pro plugged into a second monitor.

Something had gotten messed up when not plugged into my ACD, eventually almost all the time when opening the lid the laptop display would not wake-up. I could hear the finder working/beeping/the hard drive spinning but nothing would get the screen back from black.

This had led to some forced restarts which is never a good thing.

It hadn’t seemed to be happening at work. The clue came when I was at home where I have a DVI to VGA adaptor for sending movies to my TV as a second output.

The screen had gone black again on wake; this time I happened to try plugging in the DVI adaptor to see if there was any video signal and voila; my desktop popped up on my TV. I unplugged the DVI connector and my laptop screen came back on just fine. (seems obvious after the fact)

I searched around and found someone who had seen this, and discovered a potential solution.

“I’ve had this problem too; when I first got my new MacBook Pro it worked fine. Then recently, this problem began to crop up, especially after I had connected an external monitor, put the machine to sleep and restarted — the MacBook Pro screen came up black (sometimes just showing the cursor, sometimes not).

The following seems to have cured the problem for me (at present!). Quit all running applications. Go to /System/Library and find Extensions.mkext. Delete it (password needed). Restart.

I’d like to know if this works for other people.” — http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6854528

I followed through with his recommendation. My mac took a couple extra minutes to boot up the next time; checking the /System/Library/Extensions.mkext file — it was newly created and seemed to be the same size (10.1 meg).

Seems to have solved my problem for now. I’m almost positive this is something that will be addresses in a 10.5.x to come.