God Went Surfing with the Devil


God Went Surfing with the Devil is a very interesting looking documentary. Seems to have some beautiful photos and shots…

(We worked with a film company quite a while back on a doc called “Encounter Point” with an Org called Just Vision)

“In 2007 it emerged that a small group of young men were surfing in Gaza, sharing battered surfboards they had attained prior to the siege. Word traveled north to Israel, and that same year, a mixed group of Israelis and Americans delivered a dozen boards to their Palestinian counterparts.

In the spring of 2008, they would attempt to deliver another 23 surfboards into Gaza. By this time the situation in Gaza had deteriorated further, the border still sealed, with military activity a near daily occurrence.

“God Went Surfing With the Devil” charts the difficulties and dangers encountered by surfers in the region. Along the way it speaks to Israelis, Arab-Israelis, and Palestinians affected by the violence, charting their daily struggle to supersede the conflict through the joys of surfing.”


Small present to myself #1


Bought a digital copy of “Seaworthy” by Nathan Oldfield from www.thesurfnetwork.com. Looks beautiful with a killer soundtrack. This is fodder for saving every last penny for a Costa trip in the spring.

“Seaworthy is the long awaited second offering from independent filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, the maker of the highly regarded and award winning underground surf film Lines from a Poem.

Nearly three years in the making, Seaworthy documents a variety of individuals and the different ways that they approach wave riding.

The film presents a left of center look at the diversity in surfing, including the riding of alaias, olos, singlefins, twins, thrusters, quads, fish, logs, toothpicks, surfmats, and body surfing.

It’s a unique, intimate and timeless perspective of surfing, surfers and the environment in which they live and find their being.”

Will report back after viewing.

Calexico last night

Finally got to see Calexico play last night (@ Le National in MTL) with Linda.

Excellent show at a fitting venue — waiting for them to post the set-list so I can figure out what the third song was (a very Dick Dale / 50’s surf music tune).

Something about those horns and very good energy that had me grinning like a fool in the audience.

Videos from 2008

We don’t take many videos, but every now and then the Canon gets set to video mode and something gets badly recorded.

Here’s the ones that are okay from the past year. The highlight is me trying to remember then HUM the tune of “hollerback girl” by Gwen Stefani while playing Cranium in Mexico. Hah.


HBO in Canada

We like HBO a lot. Who doesn’t? Flight of the Conchords and Entourage are two of the better shows on TV. One of the easiest ways to watch HBO in Canada is through the Movie Network which offers limited HBO tacked onto one of it’s 5 “movie channels”.

Seems a deal has been reached to add a 6th (?) channel which will be dedicated to only HBO shows – not sure who they plan to get around the Canadian content laws since no HBO content is Canadian as far as I know …

“After walking away with the lion’s share of Primetime Emmys at the television industry’s annual awards show Sunday, U.S. cable juggernaut HBO is preparing to set foot in Canada for the first time as a standalone network.

The move, through an agreement with Corus Entertainment Inc. and Astral Media Inc., ends years of negotiations to bring HBO to Canada as a full-fledged channel. A select number of HBO’s most popular series, such as The Sopranos and The Wire, have been offered in Canada on pay-TV over the years, but the network has never been afforded a dedicated space on the dial.

Under federal rules, The Movie Network and Movie Central are required to devote about 25 per cent of overall air time, and 35 per cent of prime time, to Canadian content, which will also apply to the HBO Canada schedule.” — Globe and Mail

O yea… And I created that logo up top — I should sell them the idea. ;-)

iPod speaker set

iPod speaker set — Top view
Linda got me this lovely present (really it’s for both of us) — which I LOVE. We need a simple way to play tunes in our place from the ipods and this fits the bill. Great sound and sleek looks.

“The Evolve speaker system comprises a charging base and two cube-shaped speakers. Talk about stereo separation — simply place the Evolve cubes wherever you want to hear the music. You can even move them into the next room with you. There are no entangling wires to hassle with.”


The Shins videos

I’m a huge Shins fan. I’ve never grown tired of listening to their albums over the past few years. Something I’ve never really checked out is their videos.

I even have my own vision for a Shins video to pitch to them one day (for the song Sleeping Lessons) — ha!

The Shins : Turn on Me — Poolside FL @ it’s best. Socks + sandals, one-eyed dogs and the tension mounts (the video above).

The Shins : Phantom Limb — The best school play ever!

The Shins : Pink Bullets — Excellent paper mache and a sad cow.

The Shins : Saint Simon — Youtube compression doesn’t do this one justice – try to find it in HD. “… shot in Mexico during Monarch butterfly mating season and amazingness ensue”

Excellent Penguin Bond book covers

I like the older Bond movies and the style that was set at such a high standard in the beginning by Maurice Binder.

This set of Bond books, with painted Michael Gillette covers, really shows the continuing strength of the Penguin Publishing company and their take on that style. Even the spines when lined up are gorgeous (photo here).

“The centenary of Fleming’s birth was clearly a good time to revisit the Bonds and cover them in a package that says, yes these are fun, but also makes it implicit that there’s no reason not to take them seriously. Most importantly, they should look like books worth owning.”

Read more about it and see the high-res versions

Fantasia 2008

The lack of blog posts/tweets and sleep over the past couple weeks has been due to us racing to get out the Fantasia 2008 site.

Trying to improve it every year and thankfully we have the process down — in order to run through close to 1000 images (films and graphics) in a week. Whew** .

I’m very happy with it overall; we’ll be continuing to work on it as the festival kicks into gear next week. The festival revs up to full steam tonight – maybe this year I’ll even get to go see a movie or two !! Cya there.

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