Nambu for Twitter on OS X


A great new client has been released for accessing twitter on the Mac OS Desktop. It’s called Nambu.

Although still a bit buggy and rough around the edges — It has a couple features that I’ve been after:

  • Native Mac App – Nice and fast (no slow/clunky AIR code)
  • Parses #/Topic tags
  • Built in Twitter search — with “smart” updating results
  • Support for photos (even direct from iSight) and shortened links
  • Groups
  • Easy to use “multiple accounts”
  • Dead simple “retweet”
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • Translate feature
  • Free version for iPhone/iTouch

It’s not perfect yet – it’s crashed a couple times on me. But it’s well wort looking at.

GTD @ plank, on my Mac and soon in teams


I’ve become a convert to the Getting Things Done philosophy. I always liked it conceptually but had not committed. No — I use about 85% of David’s workflow to keep track of my work (@plankdesign) and it’s slowly moving into everything I need to get done.

I’ve been working with different systems over the past 1/2 year – none which stuck. Things has been great for the past 3 months I’ve committed to it; It’s fast and easy; It’s trust worthy and I can quickly do mini-reviews and more lengthy reviews with little fuss. Painless.

But it’s not shared. My Things list is mine and mine only.

Thankfully my good buddy Elbert has started working on a web app called Nirvana (inspired by Things) which is meant for small teams. The same principals but applied to a group of people who work together.

It’s not ready yet — the previews I have seen look fantastic though. I’ve also been giving advice and lending a hand making it the best it can be. I’ll be writing up a separate blog post later on for Nirvana.

For now… Follow along here | Website

The 6th sense


This video offers a true glimpse into the future.

Might seem clunky now — I can guarantee it won’t be for long. I say there’s something commercial like this that works via highspeed Bluetooth to your iPhone before 2014.

Maybe it will come from Apple (one can dream).

Watch the video here.

(Original source of this post — Matt Forsythe)

Canon releases water/snowproof cam


Wow — I’ve been waiting for Canon to make this for 8 years now. Waterproof and shoots 720p video. I want to see this in person: it might be a bit bulky, I want to see the USB/Battery closures/how they work, what the settings are for Manual vs. Auto photos, etc.

“Besides being shock, water (up to 33 feet) and freeze-proof (down to 14 degrees F), it’s got a 12 megapixel sensor (like most of Canon’s new line) and will shoot VGA video (unlike the most of the line, which shoots 720p video). Despite being tough, it actually feels pretty nice in your hand, though it won’t fit in your pocket (unless you’ve got old school JNCOs). If you’re not a fan of the blue, it’ll have other plates, like orange and camo. I want to love it, so I hope it shoots nice pictures. It’ll be $330 when it comes out in May.”

This might have usurped my desire for a Flip Mino HD camera. And.. it looks like the original iMac !!

Genius playlists


I think I might have found the real reason I want to update my ipod (to a touch or an iphone). Genius playlists. I’m sold — Apple has done a very good job with this and it’s once again re-introducing my music to me on a daily basis.

If you haven’t turned on this feature or clicked the button — try it now. You won’t regret it.

Once the new car smell has worn off of the feature and you want it to be even better — review this…

“The Genius bar uses collaborative filtering and popularity data from the iTunes store. The Genius Playlist button uses local meta information associated with the files, like genre, rating, play count and other data stored in the ID3 tags.

Here are some tips for getting better Genius recommendations…”

In praise of Time Machine

My Macbook Pro died this AM (actually the video chipset died).

I went through the “genius bar” reservation process at the downtown MTL mac store and was done in record time (45 minutes from confirming the appointment at the plank office online – to – sitting there and having the issue resolved); with the news that Apple is ordering me a new logic board for free due to a known video chipset issue (first I heard). This leaves me laptop-less for 5 days as they get the part and instal.

Thank god I had a full Time Machine backup from late afternoon yesterday. I was able to copy my TM archive over to a spare plank iMac and boot it up just as if I was in front of my laptop.

Easily the best recovery from a disaster I could ever imagine. After many years working with computers — it’s almost stunning how well it all worked.

Use Time Machine. It’s worth any slowdown’s or pain’s it might cause.

The Daily Stoke

Michael Arnot and his crew down in NYC have been putting together some “Daily stoke” for all of us. He’s an avid surfer and he has some connections back to Montreal. The project also has a great side to it with a “a large chunk of the profits to Surfrider”.

They recently had an article on the excellent longboard Johan made for me…

“Photo here is from – where Canadian shredder/web designer Steve Bissonnette has published a gallery of photos of his 9’6″ log getting loved and shaped and loved some more. You should watch the slideshow of the board being created, here.”

Check it out here. Keep up the stoke Michael !!

High-res cams on the Cape

One of the nicest “wave cams” on the eastern seaboard got an upgrade. It’s the cam that sits looking down towards the break at “Coast Guard Beach” (here’s an approximate location link).

They’re now displaying images at 1296 x 976 pixels and the overall picture quality is amazing.

This is not where we surf; but it’s a great indication to what’s happening further out in the ocean before waves hit NH/ME. I would love to visit this beach one day but I’ve heard It’s MURDER trying to get out across the Cape during summer.